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Larni93 May 18, 2012 User blog:Larni93

Okay, I bet you all have been teased of what you wear on you're first free dress day! (For America First Day of school) Well I can give you 3 tips about how too look good!

Tip 1: Be Unique. Don't copy the most popular girl in your class because they will think you're just weird and believe me, I learnt that the hard way! Be who you want to be in your own fashionable way.

Tip 2: Pick right. When you put two clothes that a wavy and just 'puff' it won't bring out anything! If you want a wavy top just wear skinny jeans with flats and a cut beanie! I f you want to wear a wavy pants/skirt wear a tight low neck top hair dow flashy earings and cute red bowed higheels.

Tip 3: Together. If you're making up your own outfit make sure little things match like bags and earings, something that isn't too big and that will not overpower the rest of outfit!

I hope you like my 3 tips and that they will help you a lot! Ask me any questions soon a possible!


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