Hey guys. We have an problem with categories. We are getting serious with it. Some categories are getting deleted and getting replaced due to the name, or misusage.

  • Images - Deleted - This is an category set up on the wiki, but we are not using it.
  • Galleries of Characters - Replaced - It will be called Character Galleries. Note if you are about to add this category.
  • Content - Deleted - Surely will be deleted.
  • Actor - Replaced - It will be called Actors. Note if you are about to add this category.
  • Personality's. "Chic, Beauty, etc." - Deleted - We are not using describing categories (Pretty, Cute, Thoughtful) This is not tolerated. Webzine is also deleted, as well.
  • Encycolpedia Use - Replaced with Template - We don't want to use Wikipedia information, note, this is WIKIA. Not Encycolpedia. We are using a template if information are being used from Wikipedia.
  • Minor Character - Replaced - It will be called Minor Characters. Note if you are about to add this category.


Galleries are focused on, for example "Stefanie Scott/Gallery".


We have a new set of pages. They are based on relationships and friendships. Check out Havalon for an example of how to make a page of this. If they never interacted in the show, or are minor, they will not be included.

New Categories / Also about Friendships/Relationships column.

  • Pairings - Used for friendships and relationships.
  • Friendships - Only for pages that are based on friendships. (ex. Havalon)
  • Relationships - Only for pages that are based on relationships (ex. Jalianne)
  • Enemies - Only for pages that are based on enemies (ex. Sulianne)

Follow these rules. If seen adding a category to a page not tolerated, category will be deleted and will be Warning 1. You have 4 warnings. Do not vandalize.

Thanks guys. This was a bother. I hope you follow the rules.M

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