• JessyPop

    Wiki Cleanup - Categories

    January 13, 2012 by JessyPop

    Hey guys. We have an problem with categories. We are getting serious with it. Some categories are getting deleted and getting replaced due to the name, or misusage.

    • Images - Deleted - This is an category set up on the wiki, but we are not using it.
    • Galleries of Characters - Replaced - It will be called Character Galleries. Note if you are about to add this category.
    • Content - Deleted - Surely will be deleted.
    • Actor - Replaced - It will be called Actors. Note if you are about to add this category.
    • Personality's. "Chic, Beauty, etc." - Deleted - We are not using describing categories (Pretty, Cute, Thoughtful) This is not tolerated. Webzine is also deleted, as well.
    • Encycolpedia Use - Replaced with Template - We don't want to use Wikipedia information, note, t…
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  • JessyPop

    Frenemies Plot

    December 23, 2011 by JessyPop

    My favorite plot is Geek vs Chic! What about yours?

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