​​Hello Everyone Its Sarah, i like the Movie Frenemies a lot. It's Cool. The Most intresting one is Downtown Vs Uptown then Geek vs Chic Then last of all Beauty vs Beast. This Movie is the best movie to ever been known. Me and My best friend were friends then enemies then back to friends. I was the Bling she was The chic. As i called it  Bling vs Chic. It's almost like Geek vs Chic but it isn't. We wanted to work on the project together but it was up to both of us to choose witch of us made it to be on front cover of the school newspaper everyday. Our teacher said we would Vs each other to get the front of the newspaper but when we got a perfect project theme to do the project about but then who's was it? We Said First one to get choosen takes the cover! So we said we are never getting back together! The Theme was $Billionare vs Millionare$. We told the teacher but he asked us who's was it? We said choose one of us but then he said none of us! We were suprised but the principal Hoey said He will put it in the front of the newspaper everyday! We became popular and Back to BEST FRIENDS! I hoped you Enjoyed this Blog! :)

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