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Hi everyone! I call myself Sophielle, Read as (Sophie-elle) . I'm a Chinese, though I have an American accent that sounds so real, my sister's tuition teachers question me if I ever lived in America. I live in ArianaGlands. My family includes my brother, my sister and my parents. My favourite toy is a pig that I bring around everywhere exept for school. I look like my mom, and my personality comes from my dad. I am very chatty and I stand at 4'3. I like pizza @ Pizza Hut and Prata @Singapore. I have 2 tortoises,fish, and 2 hamsters. The tortoises are called Savage and Destroyer, well theyre my brother's, and the hamsters are named Chrome who is fatter, I prefer saying PLUMPER, and doesnt bite, and Bluebell, who is thinner but still plump and bites. Thier species is YELLOW PUDDING. :D I love my pets. I am very NOISY, pretty strong and fast. I have a good memory, street smart, kinda book smart.

I am so PUMPED I got into this WIKI!!!!!

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