Okay,hey guys and gals. It's ciara!(: okay I'm going to be doing a few diffrent paragraphs,considering everybody has a different style. First one for a re summer look will be for girly girls:

  Okay girls,I advise a floral,knee high,dress with/out straps.if you school doesn't allow straps if they aren't the width of a Dollar bill like mine,wear a coat or mini jacket over it so nobody will say anything. Sandals look really cute too but if you don't have sandals flats work too an some times even converses.(: 
      Next is girls just looking for a new look.(:
    Girls, y'all can straighten your hair and part it on one side or just pull it back in a bun/pony tail, don't put the pony or bun too high the you just look like a troll lol(: and a summery (colorful or floral) tan top with layers and a pair of blue jean shorts and some converse,sandals, &vans look awesome.(:
      Next is gothic/emo looks(:
    Okay,bad t-shirts but with some brighter colors will make your hair and eyes pop out,some ripped blue jean shorts,with some black short boots would look so cute!(: don't forget all of the brackets and maybe put some earrings in too(:

          Comment what I should blog about next!(:

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