Whenever I watch Frenemies, I imagine me and my friends on Facebook can be in the Frenemies film.

Act 1

Meg: This is the story of how my best friend become my enemy. Hi, I'm Meg Griffin and I have a friend named Doug Funnie. That's him in the green vest.

Doug: Hi, I'm Doug Funnie and of course Meg is my friend too until we become enemies.

Meg: Frenemies. Does it ever happen to your friend? Well, lets see the first part where my brother, Chris after meeting a girl and become close friends until my dog, Brian puts a stop to this.

Act 2

Meg: Chris thought that being an enemy may have put to the end after Brian scares the girls.

Doug: This next part is where the same thing happens when Meg and I become frenemies. Well, my dog, Porkchop did not see this. I was writing on my journal until I got a call from Meg.

Act 3

Doug: Well, I guess Meg and I become enemies until we become best friends again once after we made up.

Meg: So now the final part is well you know Patti Mayonnaise, the girl Doug has a crush on, is going to get frenemied by a girl who doesn't even exist.


Meg: And that's our conclusion to our story, no matter who or where we are and how we became...

Both: Frenemies!

Meg: I like your thought, Doug.

Doug: Thank you, Meg.


Christine Cheng as Meg Griffin

Andrew Smith as Doug Funnie

Kelsey Osterwise as Patti/Emily

JJ Joseph as Chris Griffin

Cara Alioto as Jane

Ryan Groom as Roger Klotz

Cody O' Connor as Skeeter Valentine

Derek Davies as Milo James

P.S. I made it up

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