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The evil elf in the house

Anjna May 1, 2012 User blog:Anjna

hi this is a true story

one day my friend came home . We had nothing to do so we went outside to relax . then she told me did you hear the story of the evil elf in the house I said no then she said we should see if there is an evil elf in your house and I said wathever . so we started doing some reserche on the evil elf and these are the clues we got :

1. A secret tunnel

2. the walls were broken

3. a secret passage to get to the tunnel

4. pieces of string all over a tiny hole

then sudenly we heard a noise it was my brother shouting help!!!!! so we ran towards him and in the sky we saw a horrible bird with the evil elf on it then it went straight in the secret passage that led to the secret tunnel so the we put a small piece of chocolate in the secret passage then a tiny black hand took it and it was gone then near the broken walls we heard small foot steps then sudenly a giant one so we ran directly to the broken walls and saw small foot steps an then a giant one that was at least a 100 times bigger than mine then my friend foung a big hole that was covering itself next to the hole there was a piece of chicken half eaten then we heard a lot of noise in the sky and there was :

1. that horrible bird that looked like a dragon

2. then a bird that was carnivore cause it eat a pigeone in front of us

3. a porquipine bird cause it had spikes

and the piece of chocolate that disapeard came back but we never found the evil elf .


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