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Hey you guys!

Hey my name is Allie. I am a fashion geek! I'm upsesed with fashion. And Im kind of a geek. Like in the movie. Well just wanted to say hey. Here let me tell you about myself...... I love Jesus I love the book "The Secret Garden" and I am homeschooled. I hate public school. Well anyways I love Thunderstorms and I am really interested in weather like tornados hurricanes earthquakes I love it! Well that's a little bit about me. Ummmmmmmmm my fav Disney show is shake it up!👯 oh I'm a dancer to! My fav nick show is victorious and icarly. My fav abc family show is ppl and Jane by design. My fav abc show is once upon a time and dancing with the stars. My fav lifetime show is dance moms and dance moms Miami preety much the same though. Well that's all I can think of tv. Ummmmmmmmmm....... How about you guys ask me about myself and I will tell you. Well I have to go but I'll talk to you later!

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