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Jurray (J/ake and M/urray) is the friendship pairing of Jake Logan and Murray.

Jurray MommentsEdit

  • Murray is Jake's pet.
  • Murray puts his NASA certificate in the toilet, and almost flushed it.
  • Murray doesn't feel good about Jake being science partners with Julianne (shows that Murray cares about him).
  • Murray farted on Jake's face to wake him up two times.
  • Murray licked Jake's face to wake him up.
  • Murray and Jake always eat breakfast together.
  • Jake called Murray a dumb dog.
  • Murray almost flushed Julianne's letter in the toilet.
  • Murray wrecked Jake's room.
  • Jake told Murray, "This is the worst thing you've ever done!"
  • Murray ran away from Jake.
  • They turn to frenemies after Murray nearly flushes his NASA certificate.
  • Jake asks Ms. Logan if she thinks Murray would come back, showing that he cares.

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