Julianne Bryan
Full Name

Julianne Bryan



Resides in

New Jersey, USA



Eye Color


Hair Color



Jake Logan (former boyfriend, science partners)
Sulianne (enemies)
Norm (former boyfriend)
Leonard (former boyfriend)


Waterbury High School

Portrayed By

Stefanie Scott

Julianne Bryan is a blonde "beauty". She is portrayed by Stefanie Scott.


Pretty, popular, and manipulative, Julianne relies on her looks instead of her brains to get through school, such as using boys into doing her work for her. She’s worried that Jake’s dog is ruining their relationship, so she does everything she can to get Murray, out of her way. In the end, Jake learns her true motives.

Memorable Quotes

  • Julianne: [to Savannah] You think you're so clever.
  • Savannah: [to Julianne] Yeah, actually I thought I did a pretty good job.
  • Jake: [to Julianne] Isn't my dog smart?
  • Julianne: Like some trained dog they use in the movies.
  • Julianne: [to Murray] Now scram, Einstien.
  • Julianne: [to Jake] I love that shade of pink! It matches my lipgloss, doesn't it Jakey?
  • Julianne: Right, Jakey? (makes kissy noises)
  • - Julianne shakes hand with Murray - Julianne: Nice to meet you. Ew.
  • Julianne: [to Jake] How long do we have to be at this smelly park?
  • Julianne: [to Murray] You wanna play doggy? Let's play.
  • Julianne: [to Jake] You better take him to the pound before I pound him!


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  • She doesn't interact with Halle or Avalon alot in the movie. She only danced with them at the end. Halle hugged Julianne after the dance.
  • She cheated on Jake, Leonard, and Norm in the movie.

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