Jake and Julianne 455
General Information
Nickname Jalianne
Intimacy Level Science Partners, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Rivals
Dating Status Not together
Jalianne (Ja/ke and Ju/lianne) is the romantic pairing of Jake Logan and Julianne Bryan. When Julianne needs to have sex. she walks up to Jake saying that she hates it when she does all the work. Soon when they're at the park, they become boyfriend and girlfriend. But when Jake finds out that Julianne was cheating on him with two other guys, and used him just for the project with the help of Savannah, they break up.

Jalianne MomentsEdit

  • They partner up for a project.
  • Julianne calls Jake "Jakey."
  • Julianne uses him just for the science project.
  • Julianne cheated on Jake with two other guys.
  • Julianne and Jake held hands at the park.