Frenemies Wiki Standards: Galleries shows the standards for galleries.

Photo QualityEdit

Edited photosEdit

Photos on galleries can't be edited. For example, if it's edited like this..

Photo Blue rocky


Then it's not acceptable on galleries. Although, if it's a twitter photo, like this..

Jones cece

Then it's acceptable (Only twitter photos from the star in the photo you are adding, like this photo of Bella Thorne, it was tweeted on Twitter from instragram from Bella herself.)


It depends on the photo if it is accepted or not. Photos like this..


Are not accepted. The photos above have a caption that can easily be spotted. Although the photo under..

Stefanie scott

Are accepted because the text,, is white and can't be easily spotted because of the bright background, also, because it is small.

Mutiple Photos, SizeEdit

Mutiple photos that are very alike are not allowed. The better quality photo, with good size is the photo allowed.

1. Too small


2. Nice size, great quality

3. Too small, not great quality


So, second is best.