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  • Bella Thorne as Avalon Greene
  • Zendaya as Halley Brandon
  • Stefanie Scott as Julianne
  • Mary Mouser as Savannah O’Neal
  • Mary Mouser as Emma Reynolds
  • Nick Robinson as Jake Logan
  • Dylan Everett as Lance Lancaster
  • Connor Price as Walker
  • Jascha Washington as Kendall Brandon
  • Kendra Timmins as Geekly Chic Magazine Cover Girl
  • Jessalyn Wanlim as Cherie St. Claire
  • Jesse Bostick as Emmett
  • Niamh Wilson as Brittany
  • Peter DaCunha as George O’Neal
  • Kathy Greenwood as Lisa Logan
  • Chantelle Chug as Megan
  • Aidan Shipley as Walkers Pal
  • Stewart Arnott as Pemberly
  • Izaak Smith as Dance #1
  • Aniko Kaszas as Fencing Coach

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