Avalker (Av/alon and Wa/lker) is the romantic pairing of Avalon Greene and Walker

Walker and Avalon have a love/hate relationship and are friends at the moment. It was shown in the movie that Walker has a crush on Avalon.

They are played by Bella Thorne and Connor Price.


Avalker MomentsEdit

  • Halley and Avalon say that Walker has a crush on Avalon, and he doesn't seem to mind.
  • Walker looked happy when Avalon said that his sweater was in style.
  • Avalon hugged Walker at the end of the movie.
  • Walker tried to help Avalon get the Jean Frank ticket so she could have an interview for GeeklyChic.
  • Walker was in Avalon's room (meaning she let him in).
  • When it was discovered that Walker liked Avalon, she didn't seem to mind.

Current FanfictionEdit

No, you idiot

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